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5 Ways to Help your Children Understand the Importance of Saving Energy

On this article, we’ve discussed a number of different methods of reducing energy consumption in the home. Some of these are concerned with how the house itself is constructed and the importance of proper planning to receive a 6 star energy rating. Some other ways include the appliances and equipment that is used in the house itself. But one of the most important aspects of energy efficiency from a big picture perspective is our own habits as individuals. Not only is it important to live your life in such a way that you use energy as efficiently as you can, but there is also value in developing such habits in the younger generation.

This article will discuss some of the best methods of helping your children develop energy-saving habits from an early age.

Help them to appreciate the great outdoors

Help your young generation to appreciate the outdoor for sustainable living

It’s important for the young and old alike to not take the environment for granted and enjoy the outdoors and nature. In addition to having a range of mental and physical health benefits, this can help kids to develop an appreciation for what we’re all working to conserve.

Educate them about where energy comes from

Where does Australia's Energy Come from - Renewable Energy, Natural Gas & Coal

Education tends to have a big impact on behaviour in many different ways, whether we’re talking about energy efficiency, prejudice or just about anything else. It’s a great idea to make sure your kids are aware of the issues surrounding energy use once they’re capable of understanding it. Have a chat to them about where energy comes from, why it’s important to conserve it and the benefits in doing so. This can help to instil certain values that can stay with young people. This can help to instil certain values that can stay with young people.

Turn-off or family time

Use quality family time to share view on sustainable living

Consider having a night or even a few hours a week dedicated to talking as a family, where technology is not relied upon to pass time. Again, this can actually be beneficial in a range of different ways, in term of helping strengthen relationships within the family and improve general wellbeing. It can also help especially young children to rely on their imagination more, which is key to the development of young minds.

Keep them active

It’s always beneficial to encourage children to be as active as possible, whether that be playing a sport or simply running around outside. We’d highly recommend encouraging bike riding, swimming and walking in your family, demonstrating to children that there are other fun ways to get around. It’s also a good way to pass time.

Be an example

Children are amazingly perceptive and tend to follow the lead of the people around them. Preaching energy efficiency is one thing, but one of the best ways to encourage your kids to pick up good habits is to practice them yourself. This might mean not only teaching youngsters about the best ways to keep energy use at a reasonable level but also rewarding them when they do so.

If we’re able to instil in the next generation respect for the environment and good energy habits, we’ll all be much better off going forward. This article has outlined a few of the ways we can do just that. For more information or advice about energy-efficient living, keep an eye on our blog. Or, if you’re interested in finding out how green your home is, contact Superior Energy Rating today.

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