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Quick 6 Star Energy Rating and Assessment Service

Superior Energy Rating provides high quality and competitively priced 6 Star energy rating report and consultation services to homeowners. If you’re planning on building or renovating your house, you will need permission from the state building authority, and for the residential purpose, you will require 6 Star Energy Rating for new homes and extensions.

In order to meet the requirements put forward and get a minimum 6 Star energy rated house, you need to demonstrate in your plans through proper home energy rating audit and assessments service, that the proposed building meets the residential energy efficiency rating.

With growing concerns about climate change and the well-being of the environment in general, the building authority has rightfully taken action to ensure all new homes are highly energy efficient with better insulation performance of windows and have water saving features. The upside of this is not only that society will be better off as a whole, but it also means reduced costs to homeowners in the long-run.

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Our team of professional energy rating assessor use the latest software and techniques to execute thermal performance assessments which will give you an accurate home energy audit and a 6 Star energy rating assessment report on whether the building meets the Six Star energy rating standard or not.

Benefits of 6 Star Energy Rating and Superior Energy Rating Consultancy:

  • A 6 Star rated house is more livable.
  • This rating provides homeowners with ongoing savings on electricity bills.
  • This standard can also reduce the need for additional electricity infrastructure.
  • Our energy efficiency assessment accurately measures your house energy consumption.
  • Our expert energy rating consultancy will ensure your home uses less energy for artificial cooling and heating.
  • We will help you to create more energy efficient building designs.

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Plan Your Building with the Professionals

Your building plans essentially need to show that the proposed building will have the necessary thermal features to be easily cooled and heated, such that minimal energy is used. An compatible 6 Star energy rating report is mandatory in order to meet the compliance requirements; our experienced energy rating service caters to residential homeowners that require assistance and consultation to ensure that this is achieved with zero fuss.

Qualified energy rating assessors offer practical advice on cost-effective ways to improve your home energy rating with an accurate audit report.

Plan you builidng with professional energy assessor

During your house planning, a good architect will always make sure that house energy efficiency does not fall, thus maintaining the comfort of your family. This includes allowing natural light to enter, proper insulation and also having consistent air flow. You can then perform an energy rating assessment from specialised assessors who can provide you a thorough energy assessment report on your building. Once these calculations are done, our trained energy rating consultants can assist you with further improvements if required.

By reviewing your plans and recommending the necessary changes, we can give you peace of mind to ensure you meet compliance, and achieve this for the least possible expense.

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