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6 Star Energy Rating for Victorian Home Owners

In order to reduce the money you spend on energy related bills and save this planet from the harmful effects of increasing amount of greenhouse gases you should definitely start energy efficient practices from your home and office. And we are here to help you.

Superior Energy Rating provides 6 Star Energy Rating Service in Victoria, ensuring your home temperature is comfortable in all weather conditions and you are not paying huge bucks for it in your monthly electricity bills. These house energy rating assessments come with a complete 'building shell' audit, that includes the floor, the roof, walls, windows, and even orientation.

We provide all sorts of residential and commercial energy rating and audit services in Victoria.

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Why Choose Superior Energy Rating in Victoria:

  • It is both comforting and rewarding to have a 6 Star energy rated house in Victoria
  • No need to be bothered about large sums of electricity bills, 6 Star rating means efficient energy management resulting in a lower energy bill
  • Our expert energy rating consultants will make sure lower energy usage on artificial cooling and heating system
  • Maintaining this standard of home insulation and appliances will minimize the requirement for the need of additional electricity infrastructures
  • With our professional energy assessment process, you will have the most energy efficient building designs
  • We custom made our energy rating services to fit in your pocket and offer you the best-valued home energy rating in Victoria
6 star energy rated house melbourne victoria

Get 6 Star Energy Rating Certificate for Your Home in Victoria

If you are an inhabitant in the state of Victoria and a homeowner, you must be aware of the fact that a 6 Star energy rating system has been adopted for homes from 1st May, 2012. All new homes and extensions must achieve state approved residential energy rating standard. This standard basically maintains that there should be minimal energy required to artificially cool or heat a building to maintain comfortable living year round. Accredited energy rating assessors in Victoria performs the home energy audit and presents you with an energy rating report along with proper recommendations. Superior Energy Rating provides highly accurate and cost-effective energy rating and consulting services for home and commercial building owners in Victoria.

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