Superior Energy Rating

Build a Sustainable Home that Meets the 6 Star Rating in WA

To truly live in a modern, sustainable world we have to find ways to be more energy-efficient, as well as cut down on waste and loss of energy throughout our lives. Many people are taking advantage of a number of new technologies to ensure that when they built their home in WA, the 6 Star energy rating is built-into the project.

Following on from some of the new builds in Western Australia, let’s take a look at some of the ways people are creating a beautiful and sustainable home.

Sustainability Baked-in

One of the best ways to ensure your home is sustainable and ready for its 6 Star energy rating is to have all of the sustainable components built into the project itself. One simple way of ensuring this is to use sustainable materials such as timber to construct the mainframe of the house, as well as use it for stairwells and other ornamental features of your home.

Whilst a timber house may prove more expensive at first, the sustainability of the materials, its long life, and beautiful finish may end up meaning that your home is worth much more in the future, as taxes on carbon are introduced worldwide.

Recycled Materials in Construction

Recycled materials are a great way to ensure that your home doesn’t produce lots of waste in the process of it being built. Recycled insulation is an easy choice, as well as recycled tiles or brickwork that can be bought from a number of specialist outlets that make the most of older, sometimes vintage construction materials.

The interior of your home can also be outfitted with a number of recycled materials, with many new specialists offering recycled doors, panels, kitchen work surfaces and door frames can all be used from recovered or reclaimed timber used on previous projects such as shipyards or older houses.

Boost Your Energy Saving Home

With energy bills rising with every passing year, many people are looking to newer technologies to help them save a few dollars at the end of the month. Some of the best ways to save energy are to invest in solar panels to ensure that all of the energy from the sun can be stored and used when you need it most, and not having to rely on the national grid.

Using the best Eco plumbing systems will help you save hundreds each year on your water bills, with water-efficient showers and show heads and modern toilets that make the most of the water that is stored in their tanks.  Everyday helpers such as water-saving taps can quickly add up, but when you look for that 6 Star energy rating WA wants us all to achieve, it is in the amenities and electrical department where big savings can be made.

Energy Saving Electrical Appliances

Always look to populate your home with energy-saving fridges and freezers and always check the energy rating labels on the electrical goods before you purchase them. Modern televisions, hoovers and entertainment devices often have much better energy efficiency than older models, so think of making an upgrade when the time comes.

Lighting takes up a huge amount of energy and you should ensure that all of your light bulbs in your home are switched for the most energy efficient LED variety that can save you a ton on your electrical bill. Not only are the bulbs rated at consuming less energy – sometimes by up to 95%, but they also offer you a much cleaner white light that has other benefits for your family.

Energy-saving doesn’t have to be a difficult task, so when building your home, ensure that the plans are made to create a sustainable home, with features of energy-saving built-in. Saving water, electricity and heating will ensure that your investment now will pay off in the years to come in a big way!

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