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6 Star Energy Rating for Homeowners in Western Australia

From May 2012, the 6 Star energy rating has been set for all new homes in Western Australia by the Federal Government with the co-operation of the State Government. This is a wise effort of energy efficiency to reduce our impact on the effect of climate change and annual energy usage. It is also a great news for homeowners in WA as this will result in long-term savings in terms of energy and money.

Superior Energy Rating specialises in providing quick and accurate 6 Star Energy Rating report for homes and other buildings in Western Australia. In brief, this means that you will be much less dependent on the energy required to artificially cool or heat your house. Your home energy rating will depend on the design of the ‘building shell’, which includes the roof, floor, walls, windows and even orientation. With proper designs, you could improve your house energy rating and meet the standard with ease.

You can get your desired rating report in 4 easy steps shown below:

How to get a 6 star energy rating report in WA

We are specialised in residential energy rating consulting services, and also provide commercial energy rating solutions. The energy efficiency assessment is performed by leading energy rating consultants according to the current building requirements in Western Australia.

Why Choose Us to Get 6 Star Rated Home in Western Australia?

Because we'll make sure that you're getting the benefits listed below:

  • With this rating, you will be relieved while counting the reduced cost of electricity bills.
  • Our expert energy consultants focus on natural cooling and heating thus, saving a lot of energy for artificial temperature control inside your home.
  • You will have sufficient power to remove the need for additional electricity infrastructures.
  • At the end of the project, with the home energy audit report, you will have the perfect design for an energy efficient building.
  • We tailor-made our energy rating services in Western Australia that is attainable within your budget, so we'll beat any preferable quote.
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A Minimum of 6 Star Energy Rated House is Mandatory in Western Australia

We supply fast and cost-effective energy rating assessment report. These Thermal energy efficiency assessments will help you to take actions which will be most effective in reducing energy usage in your building. An accredited energy rating assessor in Western Australia will audit using approved software under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), to model the design and produce a star rating certificate. With the home energy audit complete, you will be ready to proceed to implement the requirements for your sustainable, comfortable and cheaper living all year round.

Why do you need to have a NatHERS rated home

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