Superior Energy Rating

Australian Energy Rating Firm Rebranded Business

One of Victoria’s leading providers of energy rating report and consultancy services, formerly known as NATHERS, is now operating under a new name, website domain, and contact email. Those are given below:

  • Name: Superior Energy Rating
  • Domain:
  • Contact email:

We have to undergo such a change as a result of another similarly named company operating in the industry, which was causing some confusion. There are clear advantages that come as a result of this change. Not only does this make it easier for our clients to differentiate between Superior Energy Rating and other providers, but the title makes it much more immediately obvious which services are offered by us.

With many years’ experience in the field, Superior Energy Rating’s founder and manager Reece Collins has established the company over the past three years, building it up as a provider of energy efficient assessment and consultancy services to domestic and commercial clients Australia-wide. The building authority in Victoria and other states now have much higher standards in terms of energy efficiency of proposed homes and commercial buildings. So there is much higher demand for energy rating experts like Superior Energy Rating in the field, who can help ensure that plans meet the requirements. This covers everything required in order to meet compliance including providing advice and consultation, reviewing and amending paperwork, and ensuring that you get a of 6 star energy rated house as per state's requirement.

While there are positives that come as a result of the re-branding effort, we will need to work to reestablish the new name. The progress made in advertising, marketing and general branding for our previous name over the past few years will also need to be recovered going forward. But the team at Superior Energy Rating are confident renaming the company won’t lead to significant changes to overall demand, and are looking forward to moving forward with the newly branded business.

To find out more information about these specialised energy rating services, keep in touch with our expert team at Superior Energy Rating.

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