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Superior Energy Rating provides Thermal Performance Certificates for new buildings and extensions required by statutory authorities and necessary to obtain a building permit.

This service also ensures the home is comfortable in all weather conditions and uses the least amount of energy as possible.

We provide fast, friendly and knowledgeable service both during and after the certificate process to both the client and the builder. Our energy rating reports ensure your building gets necessary permits without any fuss, and our expert energy consultancy provides effective energy efficiency audit to your structure.

Get Thermal Performance Ratings For Your Home and Office With Zero Fuss

Our Major Services Include:

Thermal Performance Assessments

Superior Energy Rating completes energy rating assessments for both residential and commercial buildings. For a comfortable and sustainable living it’s important to examine the thermal performance of the building that we live and work in.

6 Star Energy Rating

For the residents, for all new buildings and extensions Australia-wide, you must have a 6 star energy rating. Our energy efficiency consultants perform 6 star energy rating assessments and guide you through all the necessary steps to achieve the 6 star rating. If you are living anywhere in Australia, we can provide you with the same service to get the ratings depending on your area.

Commercial Energy Rating

We even serve to our commercial clients. Superior Energy Rating provides building energy efficiency ratings for all kinds of commercial structures. Our expert energy rating consultants are highly experienced and friendly at their work. So don’t hesitate to call us up for any kind of commercial energy management issues!

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Superior Energy Rating has prepared energy compliance reports for all types of buildings and designs.

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