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Commercial Energy Rating

Commercial development and building projects are complicated, timely and require considerable planning from start to finish if they are going to be a success. It is often the case that delays, which can come about due to a variety of reasons, can be quite costly given that resources need to be reorganised as the timeline is pushed back. 

A problem that can potentially be very costly to a development project comes when the plans do not properly demonstrate the building’s energy efficiency features or energy saving plans are not properly put together. This can result in the loss of building permits required to move forward. 

Superior Energy Rating works with drafters, builders and other commercial clients to oversee this process and ensure the proper standards are met. By working with you in the planning phase, we can ensure that the building will not only be energy efficient (and therefore of a high quality for your clients) but will be compliant with the planning and building authority and get the proper commercial energy rating.

Our Section J reports will show that your building will meet the requirements required for the least possible outlay.

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