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Australian Energy Rating Firm Rebranded Business

One of Victoria’s leading providers of energy rating report and consultancy services, formerly known as NATHERS, is now operating under a new name, website domain, and contact email. Those a...
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5 Ways to Help your Children Understand the Importance of Saving Energy

On this article, we’ve discussed a number of different methods of reducing energy consumption in the home. Some of these are concerned with how the house itself is constructed and the importance of...
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Where does Australia’s energy come from?

When it comes to energy considerations on an individual level, we’re usually thinking about energy-saving in the home; as we’ve discussed in past posts, there are a host of different considerations...
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Undervalued Factors that can Improve your Home’s Ability to Stay Cool

Struggling with the heat this summer? While the season is coming to an end, NSW and Victoria are still in the midst of a serious heat wave that is breaking temperature records across the board. W...
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How Insulation is Used to Increase a Home’s Energy Efficiency

There are numerous different factors that can determine how energy efficient a home is, from the layout and composition of the building and the construction materials, to the appliances and equip...
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