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4 Ways to Keep Your Energy Bill Low This Summer

Forecasts suggest we’re in for quite a warm summer, which can mean big energy bills as we do everything we can to keep our home cool. Energy prices are steadily rising and it’s always a good idea t...
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Build Energy Saving Home for Better Efficiency [Infographic]

An energy saving home is designed to lower the energy consumption as much as possible while maintaining a comfortable living condition. Here are some reasons why you should have an energy saving ho...
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Australian Energy Rating Firm Rebranded Business

One of Victoria’s leading providers of energy rating report and consultancy services, formerly known as NATHERS, is now operating under a new name, website domain, and contact email. Those a...
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5 Ways to Help your Children Understand the Importance of Saving Energy

On this article, we’ve discussed a number of different methods of reducing energy consumption in the home. Some of these are concerned with how the house itself is constructed and the importance of...
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Where does Australia’s energy come from?

When it comes to energy considerations on an individual level, we’re usually thinking about energy-saving in the home; as we’ve discussed in past posts, there are a host of different considerations...
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