Superior Energy Rating

Superior Energy Rating is an Australian Energy Rating Company

Superior Energy Rating is a Victorian based energy rating and consultancy agency who provides 6 star energy rating for your residence and thermal performance rating for commercial buildings. The 6 star energy rating ensures your house is at a comfortable condition in all weathers with less or no extra cost for designing. Superior Energy Rating provides all these at an affordable cost!

6 Star Energy Rating

If your home doesn’t have an energy rating report you will most likely won’t get a building permit. According to the National Construction Code, in order to obtain a building permit, all new inhabitable buildings in Victoria must have a star energy rating report prepared by an accredited energy assessor. Your home will be rated on The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), this is a star rating system (out of ten) that rates the energy efficiency of a home, based on its design and usage of energy.

Superior Energy Rating Consultancy for Commercial buildings

Commercial infrastructures and building projects require more time and considerable planning from start to finish in order to achieve the goal, because of their complicated designs or larger sizes. If the building’s energy efficiency features and energy-saving plans are not properly put together, this may very much cause the project to lose its permits.

Superior Energy Rating Energy Assessors Help Commercial Clients to -

  • Assess the thermal performance of their properties
  • Adopt and execute an efficient energy management strategy
  • Identify means to save energy, cut costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Get recognition and prize
  • Communicate their energy-saving efforts to the public

Superior Energy Rating works with drafters, builders and other commercial clients to oversee this process and ensure the proper standards are met in order to get a higher rating in energy efficiency.

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