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20 Advance Gadgets to Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency


It's 2021; if you plan to buy new appliances, it is high time to switch to more energy-efficient products. In Australian households, electricity consumes a considerable percentage of total energy use. That is why the Australian Government emphasised programs of innovative practices to improve energy efficiency. In Australia, it is mandatory to have an energy rating on appliances such as fridges, dryers, and washing machines to maintain energy efficiency.

You might wonder why you need to update your appliances? Why should you pay more to buy energy-efficient appliances? Are they really worth it? How to choose the best one? When in doubt, read on and find out how advanced energy-efficient gadgets can help you improve your home energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient appliances- Way to comfort and conveniences

Whenever energy is used, there is always a chance to improve efficiency to minimise energy waste and costs. With energy-efficient products, you will get the same facilities as non-energy-efficient alternatives even while saving money. In this digital era, we regularly upgrade our smartphones, so why not upgrade our homes too! The amount in your bill may look slightly more to buy energy-efficient appliances. Still, it is worth buying with minimum billing. Let's explore some of the benefits of energy-efficient appliances.

Significant benefits of using energy-efficient smart gadgets

Energy-efficient appliances are essential to saving money and energy, improving lifestyle, and, most importantly, environment-friendly. Energy-efficient appliances have a significant impact on preventing greenhouse emissions. There is no secret about the present global warming situation. We all know that energy consumption or production is one of the largest sources of global warming as the burning fossil fuels that produce electricity release carbon dioxide. Using energy-efficient appliances can lead to less use of electricity and less demand for carbon-intensive power plants. Energy-efficient products such as dryers, showers, washing machines, and dishwashers help consume less water and save water bills. They can also enhance the quality of your lifestyle. Compared to others, you will need less replacement and maintenance than those energy-efficient items as they last longer.

How to choose energy-efficient products?

Size always matters while choosing any energy-efficient items. First, you should pick the size you need as larger sizes cost more and use more energy. After that, you should check the energy rating. A Star rating system helps a buyer or customer to buy or select the best quality. Australia has a system where all the new houses or renovation of existing dwellings must fulfil the requirements to meet a 6-star energy rating. Out of a scale of 1-10, 6 is a standard number. The advantage of buying 6-star energy items is that the higher the stars, the lesser cost you need to run that product, saving money, energy and the environment. Checking out the energy guide label is essential to measure the average usage costs and how much energy you can save or spend over the gadget's lifetime. Finally, prioritise that appliance that acquires much energy and upgrade it with an energy-efficient version.

20 advanced gadgets to improve your home energy efficiency:

Advanced gadgets to improve your home energy efficiency

Energy efficiency smart gadgets can reduce electricity consumption. Let's look at some of the advanced products which can boost energy efficiency.

1. Smart thermostat

Heating and air conditions are power hunger. A smart thermostat can make most of the heating and cooling system by saving money and energy both. Nest thermostat can function in a way mode when you go too far or away from the house and switch back when you return. It can identify the temperature you like and program itself.

2. Smart light

Smart lighting gives immediate benefit as it can detect commands and remotely adjusted them. Even you can enjoy greater control over the lighting effect to change the brightness or colour.

3. Smart plug

Smart plugs help to minimise the energy consumption of power-hungry devices. Of course, it uses energy but in a very minimal amount. Like a PowerPoint adaptor, it works to turn things on and off. When you connect your appliances with a smart plug, you can switch them off when you leave home with your smartphone.

4. Smart fridge

Smart fridge notifies the users if there is some block on circulation, and it also allows the ability to adjust temperatures. Some smart fridges even run the more energy-consuming needs in off-peak hours.

5. Smart washing machine

Smart washing machine works via your tablet or smartphone. It can analyse the weight of the number of clothes and use the exact amount of water and energy. It provides powerful yet gentle cleaning at low temperatures. Some smart washers even have advanced features such as voice control capacity and eco bubble technology.

6. Smart dryers

Smart sensor technology stops the dryer once the clothes are dry to use less energy. Innovative temperature sensors and intelligent moisture sensors of smart dryers result in an energy saving of about 10% and 15%.

7. Smart AC

No matter where you are, smart AC can be controlled and scheduled, minimising energy use and bills. There is no need to worry if you left your ac on while leaving home as it allows you to control it even while sitting at the office. Even with its energy-saving capacity and excellent cooling feature, you can cool your house extremely fast and save 10% of energy uses.


TV's including all innovative features also has an eco-solution with energy-saving mode. As in, you can adjust the brightness or put it in cinema mood for minimum energy usage.

9. Smart ceiling fans

Ceiling fans with eco features like DC motors and LED lights can save electricity like DC motors give the best performance even while consuming less energy.

10. Energy-efficient dishwasher

A dishwasher with the eco features sensor can detect how long a cycle need to run and how hot the temperature of the water needs to be. So it helps in saving water also use less electricity.

11. Energy-efficient convection oven

These ovens can prepare your meal using half of the energy and half of the time comparing to the normal range. You don't have to go preheating because the advanced carbon fibre heating system and the high volume convention fans can reduce the cooking time.

12. Electric kettle

As an eco-consumer, all you need is an energy-efficient electric kettle. With its quick boiling function, temperature control feature, and keep warm function, you can save both electricity and water.

13. Smart slow cooker

It has the best feature to fit with 2021 modern cooks. The pressure cooking energy efficiency let it uses less heat, power and water. Even you can set up your smart cooker with your virtual assistant, such as the Alexa app.

14. Smart coffee maker

The Wi-Fi-enabled coffee maker allows you to brew coffee from anywhere. Many have energy-saving and automation power-down features.

15. Smart shower

Through voice command or mobile app, the user can control and set the water flow rate, duration and temperature. By selecting water saving functionality, you can reduce water wastage and energy as well.

16. Smart lock

Smart lock can provide a time scheduler and energy saving mode to save battery life like you can set your goodnight routine that locks the door and powers down all the electronics while you can relax in bed.

17. Smart sprinklers

Water sense certified smart controlled sprinkler with its weather sense technology can save up to 15% water wastage and energy. You can control outdoor water usage also.

You may watch a video on the world's first wireless smart sprinkler and lawn care assistant from here:

18. Robotic vacuums

Robotic vacuums take less time for vacuum cleaning comparing to the traditional vacuum cleaner. It also reduces household energy consumption as it needs minimum electricity per unit of time.

19. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistance such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri can control your smart home devices. Based on the voice command virtual assistant can complete tasks for a user. Your virtual assistant can do anything, from saving energy to playing music and telling jokes to control lights, switches, TV, and thermostats.

20. Smart home energy monitors

The sense monitor works can detect how much electricity each device is using. It helps you monitor your energy consumption and also helps to see which appliances is falling left in energy efficiency.

These are some of the advanced energy efficiency gadgets that expand the beauty of your house and save your electricity and money. So often, we leave our fan and TV on due to idleness; occasionally, we fail to remember to check our cooker or oven, which transforms our food into lava! Smart gadgets work to make life much trouble-free. In addition, no matter what item you are buying, you can always check the star ratings to identify and compare the best one. So, if you are in the quest to improve your life quality while trimming your bills, it is a high old time to grab, pick, and explore advanced energy-efficient items.

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